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Google: Management Structure
By: Kiya Green
MGT 500
Dr. David Wells
November 21, 2015

Google: Management Structure
There are many imitators but there is no one that can come close to Google. They have dominated the field of search engines have made competitors look sickly (Hof, 2008). The most significant thing about Google is the way they influence people to think and construct business. When Google first started, the structure of management was different. Current day, Google has an unorthodox way of progressing. From the beginning Google has been properly managed and this has a major influence on the company’s success. Google also has the ability to adapt to change and make seamless changes. As the year’s progress, Google has
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Google is overseen by a board of directors that passes the information down to an executive management group (Thompson, 2015). This management group is responsible for overseeing different departments that are broken down to even smaller units. Witnessing the new changes and progression Google has made over time, it is beneficial that they don’t use the standard corporal structure. Instead, Google allows employees opportunities to be a part of new ideas with having to feel watch over. Another key change is Google’s 70/20/10 rule (Thompson, 2015). This expectation means the employees are to spend 70% of their day on projects that are assigned by management, 20% each day on new products, and the 10% on new ideas they want to pursue. Google gives this rule the credit and driving force behind the progression on Google (Thompson, 2015).
Explain senior management's role in preparing the organization for its most recent change. Provide evidence of whether the transition was seamless or problematic from a management perspective. Provide support for your rationale. Google is a company that allows its employees to expand on new ideas every day. This means that at any giving moment and idea could spark into a major change. In the senior management role at Google, since change is often it should not be well stressed upon. Any new changes to an organization should be seamless and create minimal problems. One of

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