The Resurrection Of Christ Jesus

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“The Resurrection of Christ Jesus according to the Apostle Paul”

The example in the Gospels can express many examples of resurrection which delivers a strong

message In the New Testament. The term resurrection by Webster definition explains, “Life,

raising from the dead.” The Greek defines it as, “A standing up again, recovery.” John 11:25

explain Jesus speaking to Martha concerning her Brother Lazarus’s death. He says, “I am the

resurrection, (standing up again), and the life (breath), he who believes in Me shall live even if

he dies.” There is much to contemplate when death and life have expression, as to stand up and


The commencement of this information will be organized in several parts to search and compare

a topics of this essay. Theologians give commentary to this topic as well and explain historical

content to understand. Many have believed Christ had not resurrected but was taken away and

buried. Some believed it to be a rumor to validate that which had been preached among the many

disciples. Eyewitnesses came forth to speak what happened and to solidify and cancel rumors.

The Apostle Paul converted to Christianity receiving a one on one account with the risen Lord

during his reign of terrorism in his day. My goal is to gather information to focus on the

comparison and contrast to the subject, “The resurrection of Christ”.

To achieve this goal I have organized insight in three paragraphs, to include scriptures on eye

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