The Resurrection Of Jesus A Historical Event

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Just how vital is the resurrection to Christianity Well in a quote taken from Man Alive; by Michal green he state, “Christianity does not hold the resurrection to be one among many tenet of belief. Without the faith in the resurrection there would be no Christianity at all. The Christian church would never have begun; the Jews movement would have fizzled out like a damp squib with his exaction. When Jesus rose from the grave, the impact was felt immediately and has continued to reverberate throughout the world. This is certainly why many people have attacked the resurrection and set out to disprove it and as Christians it is our job to defend this important part of history that determines the future of so many people. So in order to defend the greatest day in history one has to ask; is the resurrection of Jesus a historical event? Everyone agrees that Jesus Christ was a moral man who lived on earth. Some state the resurrection of Jesus is a historical event, while others say the resurrection of Jesus is not a historical event. Jesus’ death on the cross is seen as a barbarous event, but to others, Jesus’ death on the unlocked the crippling chains of humanity. The resurrection of Jesus is proven to be a historical event for these three reasons; the vacant tomb, credible witnesses, and impactful culture. The first reason the resurrection of Jesus is proven to be historical event is the symbol of the empty tomb. A quote by Anthony Flew, a devout atheist states, “The…
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