The Resurrection Of Jesus : A New Historiographical Approach By Michael Licona

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This paper is a review of the book The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach by Michael Licona. This book is comprised of pages that “investigate the question of the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection while providing unprecedented interaction with the literature of professional historians outside of the community of biblical scholars on both hermeneutical and methodological considerations.” The book is separated into five long chapters: “Chapter 1: Important Consideration pertaining to Historical Truth” , “Chapter 2: The Historians and Miracles”, “Chapter 3: Historical Sources Pertaining to the Resurrection of Christ”, “Chapter 4: The Historical Bedrock Pertaining to the Fate of Jesus”, and “Chapter 5: Weighing Hypothesis”. Licona tackles the research of world historians who interpreted relevant data and draw their own conclusions. Evidence throughout the book proves Licona’s interest in horizons and objectivity. He outlines several strategies for eliminating bias perspectives and public appeals. It is evident that knowing the past involves many challenges. Therefore, since the past is forever gone, it can never be viewed directly nor reconstructed. Chapter 1 deals with a significant considerations pertaining to historical truth. Licona surveyed several topics on how historians gain the extent of knowledge and the validity of truth.
Historians gained assistance by initiating investigations and developing steps to minimize biases, the need for a…

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