The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

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The resurrection of Jesus Christ, outside of the act of creation itself, is the single greatest event in history. On the first Easter Sunday when the tomb is empty the trajectory of history is forever change and a new creation has begun restoring the fallen old creation. The resurrection brings great hope because in the resurrection the future breaks forth into the present reality both as a celebration of present victory and anticipation of future glory. The resurrection is not a single historical event, but it is the beginning of an ongoing restoration of all of God 's creation to be completed in the bodily resurrection of all people. Beth Felker Jones writes, “In the resurrection we have meaty hope, hope that extends into every part of creation and every aspect of human being.”1 Worship liturgy, whether consciously or unconsciously, can teach a great deal of theology, especially when considering theology of the resurrection. Giving considering to how the theology of resurrection is at work throughout worship and how it might lead to transformative living in the victory of the cross is of vital importance. Therefore, the following will examine the Easter Sunday 2016 worship service at Lansing Woodview Church of the Nazarene to specifically see how the doctrine of the resurrection and how it functioned in worship, its consistency throughout the service and its implications for the congregation. Easter is traditionally the time in the Christian church that the resurrection…
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