The Resurrection Of Jesus Is The Focal Point Of Christianity

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There is far reaching agreement among researchers today, over a wide religious spectrum, that the resurrection of Jesus is the focal point of Christianity, asserted by conventional believers in light of New Testament passages like 1 Corinthians 15:12-20; However, it is also declared by higher analytical scholars, also. For instance, one of the current problems which face Christian theology is that the resurrection of Jesus plays a decisive part. If the confidence and trust which are firmly associated to the resurrection is in doubt, there is a risk of jeopardizing everything to which a Christian clings. The explanation and narrative of the chronological basis of the Resurrection of Jesus has been the focus of historical investigation and debate, as well as a theme of discussion among theologians. The description of the Gospels, together with the empty tomb and the manifestation of the risen Christ to His followers, have been observed as historic reports of a factual event, as exact versions of prophetic encounters, as dishonest eschatological allegories, and as a lie invented by early Christian authors, with numerous interpretations. It has been proposed, for instance, that Jesus was never crucified, that there was an empty tomb because the body of Christ was stolen, or that Jesus Christ was never in the grave.
“In Christian apologetics, no historical argument surpasses the resurrection of Jesus for its sheer evidential force.”
Despite the powerful robust…
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