The Retail Fraud

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You give someone a product to satisfy their needs and you get something back in return. Nowadays, we sell merchandise locally, in stores, and worldwide with the help of the internet. A store is just like a house. When someone enters your house you guide them everywhere, showing them every corner. You are always visual of whom comes in and out, because you want to be aware of your own belongings. A retail store is just the same, you greet the clients, show them where the new stocks are held, where the sales are, the shoe area and etc. Since we must treat the store as our own home, we must assure that all of the merchandise is treated like your own; this means to avoid theft and fraud. It is not only from our customers that can commit a fraudulent activity, but can also happen internally from our employees. Therefore, a good plan and policy must be created and implemented throughout the store to avoid or reduce fraudulent activity is a must. Effective controls include assigning tasks and responsibilities to more than one person, organize the dresser room of only letting certain amount of merchandise go in, and keeping the cash register area under surveillance. This paper will (talk/show/etc) how to mitigate retail fraud, both internally and externally and recent fraudulent activities in retailers.

The National Retail Federation conducted a survey, Return Fraud Survey, and found surprising results. The…

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