The Retail Giant Of Zara Essay

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The retail giant Zara have proven that utilizing all resources and different management techniques branded the store as a fashion empire. However, Zara has been named one of the most profitable retailers in the world. Zara has expanded and is operating stores all over the world which makes the retailer global. The philosophy behind the retail giant is immersing new fashion fast. Furthermore, Zara focus is producing high-end quality clothes through creativity. The retail giant uses a rapid response system to trending clothes which increase Zara profits and market demands. The retailer implemented several business models to reflect the current state of the business. For example, capabilities, utilize short lead times, reduce inventory risk, decrease quantities that are produced and increase choices and styles, value drivers and concept. Following this business model allowed Zara to be branded as supplying the consumer with what they want and fast. Nevertheless, the retailer offers moderate pricing, customer loyalty, and a turnaround time of the latest trends of 24 to 48 hours. These goals formulated the fundamental concept of monitoring production, maintaining designs and tracking the distribution processes. The entire process has enabled Zara to exploit and execute all competitors. Also, the strategy behind Zara planning is maintaining total control over production and keeping manufacturing and all designing in-house. Within this case study, five question will be answered
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