The Retail Industry Is Highly Competitive, With Few Barriers

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The retail industry is highly competitive, with few barriers to entry. Each Company competes with many other local, regional and national retailers for customers, associates, locations, merchandise, services and other important aspects of the Company’s business. Those competitors include other department stores, discounters, home furnishing stores, specialty retailers, wholesale clubs, direct-to-consumer businesses and other forms of retail commerce. Some competitors are larger than JCPenney, have greater financial resources available to them, and, as a result, may be able to devote greater resources to sourcing, promoting and selling their products.” There are many factors that characterize competition, including advertising, service,…show more content…
There will be several more in 2018. The merchandise is attractive and offered at very cheap prices. The concept is extremely appealing to young people on a tight budget. Primark will present a competitive challenge for every promotional retailer selling apparel, fashion jewelry, and various seasonal and home novelties. Aldi’s will be expanding with 400 stores in the United States to keep up on pressure price. It is a privately held German retailer, known for cheap prices on private brand food products, being sold in rudimentary stores, has recently included inexpensive fashion to its availability. This will be a competitive factor for low priced retailers. Nordstrom’s Rack, which has 167 stories at the end of this year, will add an additional 25 stores in 2017. This is certainly a sign that fashion customers are continuing to endorse that company’s low priced effort. They scoop up fashion merchandise, especially shoes, at very discounted prices. Neiman Marcus is now expanding their Last Call stores to compete more aggressively with The Rack. “Macy’s is constantly drumming up consumer interest with another sale – I think they ran about 80 sales last year. They are well aware that the millennial customer looks for value in department stores. There were similar short duration sale events and other promotional efforts by J.C.Penney and

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