The Retention Of High Quality Teachers

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Increased student achievement has been the focus of many school districts across the country in recent years. School districts must not only look at the current level of student achievement, but also consider what is necessary to increase achievement and how schools will afford it. The retention of high quality teachers is an extremely important part of the student achievement puzzle. Teacher retention includes not only keeping the teachers who are difficult or impossible to replace, but also weeding out the teachers who are no longer a good fit. This process of evaluation and incentives must work together to attract and keep the best possible teachers in our classrooms, allowing students to get the best possible education to be…show more content…
Only the most highly qualified teachers who share the values and vision of the District will be hired. Through these hiring practices, great teachers will be easier to hold on to and will be more committed to District goals. Conversely, a clearly defined evaluation system should be adopted by the District, ensuring only the “right” teachers are retained. This evaluation system reflects the goals and values of the District, identifying levels of instructional quality required for retention (TNTP Reimagine Teaching, 2012). This level of expectation will retain the highest quality teachers necessary to improve student achievement while removing the teachers who are not meeting the goals and vision of the District. Setting standards of teacher effectiveness and using those standards to encourage the resignation or non-renewal of ineffective teachers will reciprocally persuade high quality teachers to stay. Once quality teachers who share the goals and vision of the District are hired, a strong mentoring and new teacher support program must be implemented. Quality teachers are hungry for mentoring and support to help them remain focused on achieving and using essential skills and strategies necessary. Mentoring and support needs to be available on a continual basis, encouraging new teachers to take risks and try new
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