The Return Of Martin Guerre Analysis

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In the mid-14th century, the name Martin Guerre became quite popular amongst Artigat households. This man of two faces, who is known for his disappearance, didn't always have a life of secrecy. Mr. Guerre’s life grew its own shadows, becoming something rather unexpected. Natalie Zemon Davis dived into the shadows of Martin's life in the book The Return of Martin Guerre. Davis used written accounts and summaries of the Martin Guerre trial to create the book. Through these accounts she was able to write about why Martin left, why an impostor took his place, and the circumstances that brought about someone’s untimely death.
Martins childhood was brief; ending at fourteen when he married his then nine or ten-year-old spouse Bertrande de
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Going off to sea for whaling or herding sheep from the valleys to the mountains were popular career choices. For Martin, both options were not viable. Going to sea would require access to a port or nearby body of water, of which he had neither. And sheep herding was not seen as an activity upper class families would do. Other activities included joining the king's army, going to university, or traveling. All of those options would have required his father's approval, which would not have been given, trapping Martin in Artigat. Despite being fourteen, he was expected to act like an adult now that he had a family. The teenage years which are used to explore yourself and the world were taken from him because he was forced into a marriage at such a young age. Shortly after the birth of his son, Martin took some grain and a few of his belongings and left his wife and newborn son. At the time of his departure he was approximately twenty-four which means he was married for almost half of his life at this point. He had a new son to care for and his family was putting a considerably large amount of pressure on him. Martin wanted out of all of it, he probably wanted to be free of the stress and pressure of adulthood - so he left.
Approximately nine years after Martin's disappearance from Artigat, a man showed up claiming he was Martin Guerre. This man was an impostor from the village Sajas in Gascony named Arnaud du Tilh.
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