The Return by Ngugi Wa Thiong’o

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The Return Ngugi Wa Thiong’o The Return is story about Kamau, a man returning home after spending many years away in prison. Kamau has both survived the Mau Mau and being put in prison. The Mau Mau had cost many Black Nationalist’s lives, and had seen many more put away in jails. The story begins as Kamau is released from jail. Several indicators are given about Kamau’s health, which begins with the description of his back as “slightly drooping” in paragraph two. The reader understands that time away in prison wasn’t easy for Kamau. The reader also is shown that Kamau’s features are hardened by the years spend away. He makes it to the river and meets a woman whose deaf son had been killed, but is not greeted in the manner to what he…show more content…
These were contemplations that Kamau never perhaps thought of in the confinement of prison. The people he knew before the arrest were grown, gone or dead. Kamau sees his father but is once again refused the proper greeting. His father at first does not answer Kamau when he arrives. After moments Kamau finally is given the embracement of his family. He understood only after he had been told that it was assumed that he had been dead all these years. When Kamau asks about Muthoni, he perhaps wished he was. Karanja had not only told his family that he was dead, he had also stolen the love of Kamau away. I believe that at this point of the story the reader is shown this sin by Karanja to show that enemies reside on both side of the war line. Karanja would prove a much more torturous blow to Kamau than any Wazungu could ever deal. Finally we see a pinnacle of the heartache that Kamau had been successful at keeping away for the past five years in prison. He had manage to keep a flickering light of hope alive in the darkest of places. The emotion and pain had caught up to him. The regret of what he had done had finally come knocking. Kamau is overcome and runs to the river. At the river Kamau sees his little belongings floating away. He understands that this is an exact symbol of what his day had been. He had watched all he knew and cherished float away moment by moment. Thoughts of suicide are gone. Kamau is the picture of war. No matter what the
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