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| | | | BIBLE STUDY FOR THE MOTHERS’ UNION AND WOMEN GUILD ON THE OCCASION OF THEIR DIOCESAN WOMEN CONFERENCE HELD AT THE CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF HOLY TRINITY, LOKOJA ON 29 TH -31ST AUGUST, 2014 Preamble to the Gospel according to St. John Just as every coin has two valid sides, so Jesus Christ has two natures, also both valid. While the Gospel according to St. Luke presents Jesus in His humanity as the Son of Man, the Gospel of John showcases Christ in His divinity as the Son of God. The writer John, who along with Peter and James formed the inner circle disciple of Jesus, never refers to himself by name, but always calls himself “the disciple whom Jesus loved,” as the writer of this Gospel. (John 13:23, 19: 26; 20:2; 21:7,…show more content…
Mary tells the servants, "Do whatever he tells you," and with these words she echoes Israel’s profession of faith at Sinai. Mary "personifies in a certain manner the people of Israel in the context of the covenant" and stands as a faithful representative of Israel. Joseph and Jesus Second, Mary’s words find a close parallel with what Pharaoh said about Joseph in the Book of Genesis. During the severe famine in Egypt, Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of storing up the wheat harvest in the plentiful years before the famine and distributing it once the food crisis arrived. When the starving people cried for provisions, Pharaoh told them, "Go to Joseph; what he says to you, do" (Gen. 41:55) – an expression almost identical to what Mary would later say at Cana. This Biblical connection between doing whatever Joseph says and doing whatever Jesus says is quite significant, for there are several parallels between Joseph and Jesus in these two scenes. Just as Joseph overcame a lack of food during the famine with his storehouses of grain, so Jesus overcomes a lack of wine at the wedding by changing a large volume of water into wine. Just as Joseph is presented as having the Spirit of God in him at the beginning of his work (Gen. 41:38), so Jesus is described as having the Spirit upon Him at the start of His ministry (Jn. 1:32). Just as Joseph was 30 years old when he began to
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