The Revelation Of Beethoven's Childhood

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Life as it was for Beethoven had many varying elements, and this research paper will be revealing a lot of what he went through as a young boy all the way to the end of his life and career as the world renowned Ludwig van Beethoven. The basis for this paper is to express and expound on the life and career of Beethoven, and why he was seen as part of the pivotal transition between the Classical and Romantic eras. The topics that will be discussed will be the revelation of Beethoven’s childhood and how he was raised, an expository of his early schooling and composer days, the account of his many composed symphonies, the occurrences during his composition years, and the final tale of his death. The infamous Ludwig van Beethoven was born on or around December 16, 1770 in Bonn, Germany, a principality of the Holy Roman Empire (Ludwig van Beethoven Biography). Customarily, the law implicated that all babies must be baptized within twenty-four hours after birth, so Beethoven was indeed baptized as the law stated just a day after he was born (Ludwig van Beethoven Biography). Beethoven announced later in life that he believed he was born two years later than everyone claimed he was, and he stubbornly stuck to that belief even after he was provided with solid documented evidence providing he was born in the year 1770 (Ludwig van Beethoven Biography). Beethoven later had two younger brothers, and somewhere in between the birth of his brothers, Beethoven’s father began to teach him…
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