The Revelation Of Jesus And The Christian Community

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Jesus was beloved by many thousands of former Jews and Gentiles by the end of his ministry. However, he was also despised by even more of the population. Both his loving disciples and cruel adversaries’ feelings about Jesus can be attributed to the fact that “Jesus of Nazareth entered upon his public career in the lest quarter of a long period of decline in Jewish fortunes” (Meyer 777). The most devout and highlighted group of Jesus’ followers were the twelve disciples. The disciples answered Jesus’ call immediately, beginning their discipleship immediately after they learned of his holy connections (Meyer 781). These twelve disciples dedicated their entire adult lives to spreading the teachings of Jesus, ensuring that he was immortalized through scripture and by word of mouth. Many New Testament scholars believe that a couple of the disciples were responsible for some of the four gospels. Despite moments of questioning Jesus, they believed wholeheartedly that he was the Messiah. Sinners were another important group that added a very large number off believers into the Christian community. This group was the most controversial of all. The strict Jews both outside and inside of the community could not believe that Jesus would touch or interact with the scum of the Earth. If the cures and exorcisms of Jesus, besides eliciting faith, also provoked skepticism and malicious misconstrual, his initiative toward social outcasts, besides eliciting the joyous response of the
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