The Revelation Of Jesus Christ

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that he was, he is and will forever be the true Son of God that came to the world via mysterious, powerful connections of the father .
The church encyclopedia also argues that in the eyes of the man, Jesus was a man because he came in the natures of a man who had a body and functioning soul. The contradiction only comes in where the clerics and theologies in the whole domain started arguing on the exact nature of Jesus Christ. Some posed questions as to whether he was a natural man. The conclusions made after continuous deliberations were that Jesus was a unique person. The explanation came in since Jesus was born of a Virgin Mary. As science would put it, one only conceives after a conception when a man is joined to a woman to reproduce . In the case of Jesus Christ, His Mother Mary gave birth to him through God’s miracles making him a saint and a miraculous Son and for the actual sense of that he was via his ministries and miracles as he grew.
Catechism and introduction to Cincinnati
Jesus came into the world to rescue us from our sins. His nature of human structure made Him similar to us but only different in the context of ‘sin’. He was pure as a crystal in all his makeup as a man. The nature of Jesus came in two forms. One, He was divine. The result is that He was Godly in his spiritual life and deeds, but secondly, He was manly on the context of having a human natural body make-up. His personality was enshrined in a single entity of being the person of God and Son at…

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