The Revelation Of The God Self Essay

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The revelation of the God-self is the most amazing experience a human being can have. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is full of divine disclosure that inspires and serves as the starting point for Christian worship. God initiates worship through the revelation of God’s salvific events for humanity, and we respond in awe, humility, and gratitude while ascribing honor and worth to the one and true God while living out a covenantal relationship of love and obedience with the Holy One. Dr. Ralph P. Martin mentions that in our contemporary setting of the worship experience “most worshipers anticipate that their church services will lift their spirits and give them a rosier outlook on life.” That is to say, that for many participants, worship is subjective, is about them, their needs and how they are met. Surely, the thought that worship is a response to the disclosure of God’s mystery at times is a far-fetched idea that needs to be rediscovered. Living in a secularized world, we are challenged to redirect worship where worship is due, and that is to God. Dr. William Dyrness reminds us “Worship that is rooted in the biblical record does not start with human need or activities at all, but with God and what God has done.” By focusing on us, we have lost the sense of awe that comes from the disclosure of God’s mystery. Therefore, we lack understanding about what worship is and whom we worship. Dr. Constance Cherry reminds us “Our understanding of Christian worship starts
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