The Revenue Management Systems : Hotel Operating System Essay

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This report tells about the Revenue management systems also known as Hotel Operating System, under business conditions which may be used in real estate, intellectual property or hospitality accommodation management. They are computerized systems that help in the management of properties, private assets, and equipment, as well as maintenance, legalities and workers all through a single software. They replaced old-fashioned, paper-based methods that were both burdensome and inefficient. Nowadays, most next generation property management systems favor web and cloud technology and offer their software to customers using software as a service model.
In a competitive market, where customers are demanding and there are hotels to choose from for accommodation, it becomes significant from the hotelier’s point of view to make an impression which can attract the customers. Occupancy of the hotel defines the achievement of the hotel business and looking at this the hotels need to device a system that could help the customers to book their reservation well in advance.


The research has been done on a variety of property revenue management systems for the Hagley Park Hotel. It is a large establishment with a 5 star rating located in Christchurch city. The hotel is busy with corporate and conference guests in mid of the week. It is also getaway to the south island for the local and leisure market particularly in the peak tourist season. A property
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