The Review About the Effect of Self-Regulated Learning Processes in E-Learning Environment in Organizational Settings

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This title was about how the employees’ deals with the online job training are and what the e-learning outcomes are. Those authors’ methods in this article provides context-relevant insights into online training providers and employees themselves and the results were suggest that employees adopt different kind of self-regulated learning strategies which produced different e-learning outcomes.
In addition, the functions of self-regulated learning strategies are affected by individual factors such as virtual competence and goal orientation, and job and contextual factors such as intellectual demand and cooperative norms. This article’s findings help those e-learners acquired better learning outcomes through
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The social self-regulated strategies help learners in gaining new knowledge and satisfy the learners in e-learning environment. They find the solutions with each other and interact together which can reduce the loneliness during online training. However, these strategies not bring any benefits to help learners integrate the knowledge to become their skill to handle different situation. Besides, the implement of self-regulated strategies was affected by few individual factors which were personal virtual competence and goal-orientation and the job and contextual factors such as cooperative norms and intellectual demand. The results of this research can help employees gain better learning outcomes by adopting suitable self-regulated strategies to manage their e- learning processes. Furthermore, the results might also help those organizations that want to enhance the return on investments in e-learning by choosing the e-learning systems that support both self-regulated learning strategies, offering the managerial interventions that convinced employees to adopt the self-regulated learning strategies, and fostering the cooperative norms that promote the social interaction among employees.

The first limitation of this article was the retrospective self-reported data of the authors in measuring the self-regulated strategies They should more focus
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