The Review By Rodrigo Perez Of Quentin Terentino 's Django Unchained

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The review written by Rodrigo Perez of Quentin Terentino’s Django Unchained, is excellent and very well written. However, the review makes a mockery of one of Terentino’s best films. Quentin Terentino is a popular film maker. He has made films including: Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained, Hateful 8, Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs, and many more. Django Unchained is about a slave named Django who is purchased by bounty hunter, Dr. Shultz. Dr. Shultz takes Django under his wing to help him along the way. In return for Django’s help, Dr. Shultz will help him find his wife, Broomhilda, who is working as a servant at the ‘Candieland’ plantation in Mississippi. To purchase Broomhilda, Django and Dr. Shultz pretend they are interested in Mandingo fighting. They tell Mr. Calvin Candie, owner of ‘Candieland’ that they want to purchase one his best fighters which gets him interested in working business with them. Their plan is to travel to Mississippi and get Broomhilda as well. Right as the purchase is about to happen, Dr. Shultz gets greedy and everything goes awry. This three hour comedic drama pulls the audience in with gruesome battle scenes and its well timed humor. “Django Unchained” was produced well and is one of Terentino’s best. Not everyone agrees with this though. For example, there are many reviews written that find the movie boring and pointless. The review of Django Unchained by Rodrigo Perez is a harsh review to a film that is an exemplary example of the work by Quentin

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