The Reviews On Different Websites

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Reading the reviews on different websites might be beneficial for the companies to understand what they should improve to satisfy various sectors of their audience. However, there is still a lot of bias in those comments. Some websites express their preference for specifically one store and diminish the significance of another. Also, some of the reviews contradict with one another. For instance, on some websites I read that the customers are very satisfied with Sephora fast shipping, while at another website one customer is saying that they strongly dislike Sephora’s customer service and that they have been waiting for their product to arrive much longer than they were supposed to. Central Questions Reviews offer a limited number of opinions, and they generally focus on one particular topic. There is also some bias in the reviews. People who have very strong feelings about something in a company tend to share their opinion in a form of review. Mostly, those reviews display customers’ overwhelming dissatisfaction with something or customers’ excitement about purchased products. Customers’ feeling should be strong enough to give them enough incentive to take their time and write a review. However, this is not the only way to identify customers’ awareness and opinion on companies’ reputation, price, quality, brands, product range, and customer. The social networks can provide us with a variety of opinions that fall in various categories of a conversation. We can compare
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