The Revision Of Induction Program

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Part 1 a) Project Brief • Project origins The project of the revision of induction program is aimed to improve the process of the induction program as well as the content and activities of the program to make new comers gain useful knowledge to start off their work and get a proper welcome. • Benefits The new induction program is more well-structured as it provides the required content needed for new staff to know, such as the philosophies, values and culture, product and service. So, we can build and maintain a solid organizational culture. A strong, positive culture can increase employee morale and teamwork. The program also provides basic knowledge to perform jobs. Well-trained employees tend to feel more confident in performing their…show more content…
• Sign off approval Please see below. b) Project plan 1. Background It has come to the attention of the management that the current induction program is not satisfactory. This is because there is no structure and procedure of the program; the induction was conducted by each department’s tradition. The current induction, therefore, do not provide effective information and knowledge for new staff to be ready to start their work. So, the new induction program should be developed. 2. Aim and Objective a) Aim The purpose of induction program is to familiarise a new staff into the oraginsation about the culture, accepted practices and performance standards. It helps staff to meet the expectation of the company and improve productivity of new hires. b) Objectives • To give proper and warm welcome to new staff • To familiarize new staff to the company and reduce culture shock • To give knowledge and information of the company to new staff • To make relationship among new staff as well as with the team • To give the idea of the relevant department and key persons 3. Target group and stakeholders Stakeholder Interest/ stake Importance New staff Participants All new staff must attend induction program on the first day of their work. HR Manager Manage and monitor induction program Manage the program Coordinate with other department Monitor the progress and result of induction program HR Supervisors Help conduct the program Coordinator
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