The Revolution And The Latin American Revolution

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During the 18th and 19th century, from 1776 to 1804, two nations were fighting for their independence. Latin America and America wanted to free themselves from their mother colonies that were dominating them. They had independence movements in which they fought for their freedom. The American Revolution and the Latin American Revolution were similar because they had similar motivations for the causes of their movements. Both of the nations were inspired by ideas of the Enlightenment such as natural rights. Both nations were also experiencing mercantilism by their mother colonies, Spain and Great Britain, and wanted to free themselves and control their own economies. Although they had similar goals, the consequences of these events were different. Americans were more united and had a representative form of government, which granted more equality to their citizens than Latin Americans, who had less unity because of the various ethnic groups, resulting in rigid differences in social class.

Both the American Revolution and the Latin American Independence were inspired by ideas of the Enlightenment, which was a major movement in Europe, which emphasized having natural rights. These ideas were said and written by John Locke, who believed that everyone should be able to express their ideas, have a right to their own property, and be able to live freely. It was simply said in a more concise manner, life, liberty and property. These ideas appealed to the Americans because the
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