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559 Describe the various values and purposes of Renaissance education. Analyze the extent to which these values and purposes were transformed and challenged over time. The renaissance, meaning 're-birth', was a time of reformation of culture to the ideals of society. The people of the time, tired of the war and fear during the Middle Ages, looked to the ancient Romans and Greeks for direction in civilized life. As the Renaissance progressed, the purposes and values of education experienced major reformations. The Renaissance was a time of change. It began in Italy during the 14th century, and spread throughout the North. People all over Europe were affected, for the better and for the worse. Some people finally had a chance to…show more content…
These skills also helped attain preference and support among princes. Nevertheless, the school system did not teach youth how to behave in daily life situations. They spent too much time on Grammar, Rhetoric, and Logic(doc 13). Those studies that were realistic, enlightened men's minds, and prepared them for life, were reserved for the Universities(doc 10). Therefore, students had a slight understanding of the meaning and the true use of knowledge. They were only able to write Latin(doc 3), which no one of judgment would want to read, and when they went to universities, they wasted their friends' money and their own time. Afterwards, they would return home again, as unsophisticated and uneducated as they were before. Renaissance education helped increase the economy of different cities in Europe, in which the Renaissance took place. Art, a very important form of self-expression, became very popular during the Renaissance. Wealthy patrons, which were usually educated, supported artists and paid them huge salaries to do works of art. Advances in education, allowed Italians to improve their shipbuilding techniques, thus increasing trade and allowing their ships to sail all year long. Venice traded overseas, while Genoa traded with the Middle East and Northern Europe. Florence was full of wealthy and educated merchants and bankers, (doc 11)who began to dominate Europe's banking. As a result the economy began to grow. With a stronger

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