The Revolution From Above By Reza Shah

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REVOLUTION FROM ABOVE Reza Shah was in control of everything. Reza Shah’s obsession with control educational matters is vividly illustrated in an anecdote told by Solayman Behbudi, the ruler’s personal assistant. Reza Shah was so used to the tolling of the bells of the Tarbiat School, located next to the ruler’s palace, that when one day he failed to hear the sound, he inquired about the reason. Being informed that the school had closed on account of the death of one of its employees, the shah angrily scolded the minister of education for failing to uphold a standard of uniformity by allowing one particular school to suspend its classes. By establishing a highly controlled national school system, he was able to control the schools,…show more content…
Few of them had the sense that their tribes were actually part of Iran, the greater nation. They were loyal to the Khans, the leaders of the tribe. They collected taxes, established civil and criminal courts. The tribes were like a government inside a government. (Reference 11)Therefore, the autonomy of the tribes was preventing Iran from achieving nationalism. Having the tribal people loyal to the central government, to Iran, by promoting nationalism would help the government to better control them by making sure that they do not rebel or do anything that would hurt the interests or the power central government or of Iran. And one way to destroy the independence of the tribes was to force the nomads to become sedentary, to settle down so that the government could keep a better eye on them. And education can play an important role in changing a person’s ideology and habits. It was a means to help the nomads to get used to the new way of living and to instill them a sense of nation or Iranism. Reza Shah launched a project in 1929 to educate the children of Iran’s multitudinous tribes. The curriculum in the tribal schools varied in different areas, but was nevertheless highly censored and designed in such a way that would benefit the government in promoting loyalty to the nation, in preventing rebelling and in
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