The Revolution Of Global Change

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Project Paper Abstract
This research aims at looking how the revolution of global change will affect this world in the middle of the century. More attention will be paid to the second revolution; that is, resource management and to a limited extent, the technology. These forces shape our contemporary society and have a significant impact on our lives. As a result, future considerations are important because their future influences might not be the same as today. Our land, water, food, and energy are becoming scarce every day. Much is attributed to the growing human population that causes overpressure on the already limited resources. However, how we protect and utilize them also determines their existence and availability. The changing
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Therefore, its focus is to identify these forces at work and the policies that may exist to affect the predicted outcomes.
It defines these strategic forces that work to change the world in the future as the Seven Revolutions of Global Change. They include population, resource management, technology, information and knowledge, economics, security, and governance. These factors are expected to have a tremendous impact on how the world would be in the next two decades and beyond.
One of the problems that the world will deal with in the future is the inadequate food, water, and energy resources. CSIS identified how these resources are managed as Revolution 2. How they are handled today will significantly determine their availability in the future. Therefore, it calls for sustainable use if we are going to have enough supply to meet the needs of growing human population. Currently, the global human population stands at 6.33 billion (Lambin, Eric and Meyfroidt 3465). It is projected to reach 7.8 billion by 2025 and further, close to 9 billion by the middle of the century. This growth is expected to have social, economic, and political consequences.
This research will focus mostly on the resource management and to some extent, the technology. The world population of about 9 billion will ultimately have a great impact on our water, food and,
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