The Revolution Of The 1960 ' S

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The Young in the 1960’s

Many people believe the 1960s, were the golden age but, contrary, by the end of the decade, it seemed like the The United States was falling apart. That could be one of the reason why different groups were growing with new ideas, demands and of course many reforms. Student activists became more and more radical. They protested over colleges, massive antiwar demonstrations and occupied various public places to make their revolutionary ideas visible and to be heard. In 1960s, the new radicalism took place. New groups of students became to gather, such as the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) and Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) two years later. Both groups were viewed as the leading edge of a new radicalism. These group believed they had a new route to greater freedom. The students documented and summarized their beliefs and what some called the New Left. They believed the participatory democracy was the real social change. By the mid-1960s, facing growing opposition among the young to the war in Vietnam, they were viewed as a rebellion force. They became more militant and active in social issues and politics. Some demonstrations were violent and even people died. The young group became a strong force in The United Stated and, also other countries. Also, changed their physical appearance by growing their hair, used drugs and, practice “free love.” In the beginning of the 1960’s these small groups of student started to emerged and rapidly
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