The Revolution Of The American Revolution

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There are many different views on how the American Revolution came to be and how it actually was. One way is that the colonists that had money and were known as the elite were trying to preserve their power from the British and this is what caused the revolutionary war. Then on the other hand before the revolutionary war occurred when the colonists were being over controlled by the British, then in result of the American Revolution the colonists were able to win against the British and become stronger, more united, and have the type government they wanted. As described in Gordon S. Wood’s essay Radical Possibilities of the American Revolution, the colonists only wanted to be free from the control of the British and the only way they could accomplish that was to have a war with Britain to show that they could hold their own. In Gordon S. Wood’s essay he brings up many good points and explanations on why he believes that the only way the colonists could be free was to fight the control British had over the new world/America. During the time before the war most of the colonists had a lot of success and prosperity than other areas. Due to all of this success and prosperity the colonists were starting to be able to support their own without the help of the British. As stated in Wood’s essay “These hard working farmers and mechanics were extraordinarily free and well off and had much to lose, and this therefore, naturally accounts for these people, in particular, being so
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