The Revolution Of The French Revolution

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While there were political and social causes of The French Revolution the most important cause was actually economic. A few years before the French’s revolution the French spent approximately 1.3 billion livres, 13 billion dollars, on the American Revolution. This gracious contribution caused trouble at home. The French Revolution was one of the most important events in history. While it changed the social structure in France it also affected many different countries across the world. “the tree of liberty must be watered with blood.” Vasvari. The 1700’s were full of social and political change. Most were inspired by other acts of transformation. The French Revolution was one of the most catalytic events in history. The revolution prompted many others in Europe. There was a rise in German nationalism in 1794 that lead to the execution of Hungarian Jacobins. Later on in the mid nineteenth century Italy also had their national unity movement. Many of Latin American republics were created on the French model. ( Bender pg. 152) Starting a new representation of the country, the revolution resulted in the destruction of the French monarchy and the execution of King Louis XVI. “June 17 commoners and their adherents among the ecclesiastics, declared themselves the National Assembly of France and proceeded as to act as the representative body of the nation.” (Bender pg. 67) After the National Assembly its members took the Tennis Court Oath, promising to be relentless in their
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