The Revolution Of The Soviet Revolution

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Many historians agree that Vladimir Lenin was one of the most motivating revolutionaries in the history of the world. Once Lenin became a statesman he lost focus on how to run a country, and he lacked a plan. Lenin’s greatest achievements were in fact during the struggle for power in Russia, and not during his time as leader of the USSR. His leadership in the revolutionary Bolshevik party served as an important model for later revolutionary leaders of the 20th century. Lenin’s works made important contributions to the development of revolutionary socialist theory. Many may feel that Lenin had little impact on the rest of the world, but this is frankly just not true. Through the Bolshevik Revolution, Lenin brought about the USSR and the basic idea of communism. Lenin had bright ideas for the future of the USSR, and was disappointed when he saw people like Joseph Stalin turning the nation into an controlling dictatorship. Lenin thoroughly enjoyed bringing about the idea of Leninism to the Russian republic. In the postscript to his brochure, The State and Revolution, Lenin wrote, “It is more pleasant and useful to go through the 'experience of revolution ' than to write about it." Vladimir Lenin was most likely one of the few men that could have executed the Bolshevik Revolution successfully. Lenin’s devotion to his ideals was shown by the fact that he continued to run the revolution even when he was exile. Lenin was actually the only successful revolutionary to
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