The Revolution Of The Soviet Revolution

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The October Revolution of 1917 in Russia saw the rise of the Bolsheviks to power where they dreamed of a utopian Russia, which would be achieved through the transformation of Soviet men and women. In particular, women were a major focus of the Bolsheviks utopian dream because they wanted to end the oppression of women and in doing, so they implemented many policies after the revolution in 1917 like the Zhenotdel that was a women’s section in the Bolshevik party made to advance women’s interests, the legalization of abortions and contraceptives, and the removal of the bourgeoisie family institution. However, after Vladimir Lenin’s death in 1924, Joseph Stalin came to power and instituted his first five-year plan to rapidly industrialize the…show more content…
The argument that the Soviet Union promoted population growth through policies during the 1930s can be proven valid in David Hoffman’s journal, Mothers in the Motherland: Stalinist Pronatalism in its pan-European Context, where he argues that illegalizing abortions/contraceptives in the Soviet Union was vital for the expansion of industrial labour because it provided a larger labour pool for workers in factories. The purpose of Stalin retreating from the revolutionary values in 1917 by making abortions/contraceptives illegal once again and promoting motherhood, was so that birthrates would increase and mothers would raise children to become strong proletariat workers that would enter the workforce to further the first five-year plan of rapidly industrializing the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union also instituted more money to maternity homes, nurseries, and granted women a 2,000 rubble annual bonus for any extra children they had after the sixth one. By promoting motherhood through government institutions and baby bonuses it was supposed to encouraged women to have more children and supplied the Soviets with more future workers so rapid industrialization could take place and the first five-year plan could be accomplished. The poster, Soldier of the Red Army- Save us! , shows that the Soviets highly propagandized motherhood because as men went off to fight in World War II, the women were expected to stay at home
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