The Revolution Of The United States Essay

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America 's financial system has always acted like a roller coaster, with its systems going up and down. In the same manner, every generation has had their technology revolution. Technology has had overpowering effects on the different lifestyles that people live, throughout human history. The most dramatic changes in America during growth was not just due to the invention of one thing . Most, people emphasize that the train was a major factor in the market revolution; although, the trains played a huge part in spreading the market from coast-to-coast; there can be an equally strong argument, that other historical factors played a huge role in making the United States successful. The most important idea about the Market Revolution was all the amazing historical discoveries and situations that led up to it. Including the gold rush, the massive relocation of millions of people, the train and the industrial revolution, which, set up the Market Revolution for success.
The power of the United States has its roots in its people and the technology that they invent. Americas Market revolution was no different, it began when America declared its independence from Britain. In the early 1850s to around the 1900 's, between, the Gold Rush and the industrial revolution, many things were just starting to be developed and eventually were going to be the thing that helped bring products to the market.
American Manufacturing took off. Many, states depended on themselves for natural
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