The Revolution Of The United States

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In October, 1979, President Jimmy Carter allowed the Shah to enter the United States for cancer treatments. Immediately, the revolutionaries demanded that the Shah be returned to Iran so he could stand trial for the human rights violations that he was accused of. When the Carter Administration would not return the Shah, the revolutionaries were outraged and retaliated against the United States. On November 4, 1979, students who supported Ayatollah Khomeini and the revolution, known as the Muslim Student Followers of Imam’s Line, charged the American embassy in Tehran and captured the diplomats. The revolutionaries captured fifty-two Americans working in the embassy. Khomeini approved of the student’s actions and encouraged them to…show more content…
Shortly after the beginning of the crisis, the U.S. ended oil imports, froze all Iranian assets that were within the United States, and were in constant contact with the revolutionaries trying to negotiate the hostages to be returned home. The Shah left the United States in December, 1979 and returned back to Egypt, where he would die in July, 1980. Unfortunately, the Shah’s departure from the U.S. did not alleviate any tensions. Although Carter attempted to retrieve the hostages using these methods, he was still seen as a weak and passive leader. One thing that he was persistent on, even after his term was over, was not apologize for giving the Shah asylum, even though it was the catalyst to the Revolution. Finally, when the negotiation methods that President Carter and Secretary Vance had been proponents of proved to not produce the desired results, the Administration decided to move forward with Brzezinski’s rescue mission, Operation Eagle Claw. On April 24, 1980, 8 helicopters took off headed towards the embassy in Tehran and almost immediately, trouble occurred. First, it was supposed to be dark when the rescue mission entered the country and shortly after take-off, one of the helicopters had to be left behind due to technical difficulties. Then the team was caught in a sandstorm that they had not anticipated, which forced another helicopter to abandon the mission. Then, another helicopter malfunctioned

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