The Revolution Of The United States

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Time ultimately would stop again within the nation of Cuba. In 1990, the Soviet Union would collapse, causing Cuba to go dark called the “Special Period”. Cuba lost power, fuel, money and other essential in order to run a country. When a country is lacking resources, tension would more than likely increase. However, after the collapse, they became a special development within the Cuba for tourism. The revolution was designed against the ideas of tourism. Yet, tourism would create jobs and enable dollars to come into the country. However, it with the new interest within tourism and capitalism, that further open up ideas of race. It would reproduce certain stereotypes. Black would be further excluded, with this new growing economic system.…show more content…
Castro continues his sentiments as he states,"…There has never been nor will there ever be a case where the law is applied according to ethnic criteria. However, we did discover that the descendants of those slaves who had lived in the slave quarters were the poorest and continued to live, after the supposed abolition of slavery, in the poorest housing. There are marginal neighborhoods; there are hundreds of thousands of people who live in marginal neighborhoods, and not only blacks and mixed race people, but whites as well. There are marginal whites, too, and all this we inherited from the previous social system…." During Dr. Castro’s addressment to the Pedagogia 99 Congress on February 99, he states, "We thought that to decree absolute equality and civil rights would have been sufficient to wipe out these traces. However, today we still observe that poorest sectors are still those descendants of slaves. Before the triumph of the Revolution, there existed on the island a culture of poverty and wealth, where the middle class was fundamentally white and were better prepared and had better material conditions. People with a better educational level influenced their children because they taught them, they looked over their homework, and they demanded of them. In the same way, poverty was transmitted. For all that everyone was made equal under the law, for all that assistance was rendered, the best grades came from those

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