The Revolution : The Powerful Impact Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution Progress can only be achieved in great amounts quickly through revolutions, and the world needed a revolution. This would be achieved through the glorious Industrial Revolution.
This revolution began when men started using machinery instead of hand-made methods. These machines began to see light in the 1760’s. Efficiency of power, through water and steam, as well as new production methods such as iron making processes, and chemical manufacturing. These inventions began in Great Britain, and most of the men behind the scenes of the machines were British. Machines weren’t the only thing changed during the Industrial Revolution, the lives of workers were changed drastically. The Industrial Revolution made an incredible impact on the world, it affected the lives of workers, began urbanization, and caused the entire globe to go into a race for dominance in the world of machinery. In 1712, Thomas Newcomen invents the first steam engine, but this engine was not useful for many practices. Although non-efficient, the idea of using steam to drive machines sparks an idea, and that idea turns into the revolution. When James Hargreaves invents the spinning jenny, the world begins to follow. Shortly after Mr. Hargreaves, we have James Watt, who takes the steam engine, and turns it into a powerful engine, that provides power to trains, factories, and steamboats. The list continues as new inventors spring up to take a stand in the world. As countries follow each
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