The Revolutionary Armed Forces Of Colombia

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The intent of this paper will be to explore the history of the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia or the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) movement. We will provide examples of the most recent terrorist activities within the country of Colombia that have been perpetrated by the FARC and provide a graphic example showing where these events occurred. This paper will explore elements of the countries physical or human geography that contributes to the occurrence of terrorist activity. We will evaluate the impact terrorism has had within the country of Colombia, both regionally and globally. This case study will assess the root causes of terrorism and determine an action plan that could be implemented in order to
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Overtime, the FARC numbers swelled from a few dozen fighters to a few thousand fighters. In order to fund their 50 year fight against the Colombian government, the FARC has turned to kidnapping, extortion and drug trafficking (BBC News.)
In the ensuing years, the FARC have waged a destructive and dedicated campaign against the government of Colombia. Most recently, the FARC has employed a variety of methods against the Colombian government or local infrastructure to support insurgent attacks. In November 2016, two FARC guerillas died in an operation conducted by the Colombian military against illegal mining activities in the Santa Rosa department (Yagoub, Mimi.) In August 2016, the governor of the central department of Tolima, has
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