The Revolutionary Creation And The Liberation Of The World Wide Web

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The Internet Of Things

The Revolutionary Creation & The Liberation Of The World Wide Web

Gary Kwong


Dr. Michael Jones
CIS 206
Business Software Applications

Much like the telephone or the automobile, the internet has dramatically changed the way people work and live. Unlike the telephone or the automobile, though, the internet has single handedly led to the creation of a relatively free space, where people around the world gather to share ideas, collaborate, mingle, and invent a future with new possibilities that no one knew they needed – today. From its humble beginning as a relatively inexpensive lab project aimed at improving workflows to its rise against tyranny in world affairs, a worldwide obsession with the internet has gone viral and will likely sweep non-discriminatorily to all parts of the globe. As this loosely regulated environment, also known as “Cyberspace,” the “Net” or the “Web”, matures; it is the civic duty of its users to ensure that the door to the information gateway remains open and accessible as it continues to disrupt all industry and influence all aspects of human conditions. Introduction
The worldwide use of the internet is practically indispensible. Yet, its origin only dates back to the early 1950s. No invention in history has grown so fast to touch so many lives. In fact, neither the telephone nor the automobile nor the printing press has the impact of the internet on the human civilization as a
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