The Revolutionary Of The Underworld

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The Revolutionary Guards in the Underworld

The revolutionary children of the late Ayatollah Khomeini, Pasadaran, were the poor, marginalized thugs of the Pahlavi era with a huge appetite for violence. They founded the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the IRGC, and became the main tool of oppression in the hands of their Shiite Fuhrer. Over the past three decades, they evolved and built a military-industrial-financial complex. However, they have not limited themselves to the normal economy. They expanded Iran’s underground economy and their own control over it: they built a mafia cartel.

Consequently, it is not surprising that to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington; the Quds Force sought the help of Mexican drug cartels.
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The IMF’s study suggests that the value of underground economy for developing countries is between 35 and 44 percent. There are different estimations of the size of Iran’s underground economy up to 36 percent of Iran’s GDP.
One can assume that the number increased during the Ahmadinejad era as the international sanctions crippled Iran’s economy and sanction busting became the main agents of Iran’s import-export operation. This assumption is solidified by the various reports and court cases on corruption and off-the-record deals that happened during Ahmadinejad’s presidency.
Iran’s Ministry of Finance recently estimated that businesses with 20-25 percent of Iran’s GDP do not pay taxes. Assuming a conservative 25 percent estimate for the ratio of Iran’s underground economy over its GDP, the value of Iran’s shadow economy, based on Iran’s current GDP level, is estimated to be $100 billion. If we pick the 35 percent suggested by IMF’s study, the value of Iran’s underground economy would be around $140 billion.
It is impossible to precisely estimate how much of this $100-140 billion goes to the IRGC. However, a close look at the IRGC’s activities should convince anyone that the IRGC gets the lion’s share. The IRGC
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