The Revolutionary Transformation Of The Healthcare Delivery System

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The revolutionary transformation of the healthcare delivery system, sparked by The Affordable Care Act (2010) is changing the way nurses provide care, patients receive care, and hospitals profit from care (ANA, 2015). The goals of The Affordable Care Act (2010) focus on expanding access to high quality, and cost effective healthcare (ANA, 2015). The emphasis on value-based healthcare, uses incentives and penalties based on the healthcare organization’s ability to meet quality outcomes and cost-cutting measures. The emphasis on value-based healthcare makes it essential for appropriate staffing levels to optimize quality of care and patient outcomes (ANA, 2015). Implementing a safe staffing matrix, when compared to other life-saving interventions is extremely cost effective. Healthcare organization administrators are challenging nurses to take care of 10-12 patients at one time. Evidence demonstrates the number of patients assigned to a nurse at one time directly impacts the quality of nursing care provided (ANA, 2015). Research reveals, establishing a a safe nurse to patient ratio, saves lives improves outcomes, and reduces preventable adverse events (NYSNA, 2016).
The Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act (2015) would amend the Public Health Law to authorize the Department of Health to require all acute care facilities to establish safe nurse to patient ratios by requiring organizations to adopt minimum staffing requirements. In addition the bill would require a staffing plan…
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