The Revolutionary War And The Declaration Of Independence

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Decades following the Revolutionary War and the Declaration of Independence, America continued to face challenges in their young country. Tensions with the British, as well as Native Americans, led to more struggles for America. The British failed to recognize the United States of America as a separate and free country, and by enlisting the help of frustrated Native Americans they continued to be a sore within America. They believed they had rights to some parts of land in western Florida, they joined forces with Native Americans when Americans decide to move westward, and worst of all they continued to impress Americans onto British ships because of problems with trade.
Tensions with the British continued to rise and a factor for the War of 1812 was the problem with British West Florida. The War Hawks, who were a group of men who had a strong hatred towards the British, were irate with the British over territorial issues. Among these men were John C. Calhoun and Henry Clay, who “brimmed with the cocky belligerence of youth and were super-nationalists” (Conlin 217). These men were wanting to conquer Canada, and the idea of doing so was not implausible. Great Britain had an army in Canada, but it had slowly been reduced and Americans thought it would be a perfect time to try and conquer the land. However, America unfortunately was not able to conquer the lands in Canada, and the land remained the property of the British.
There were also territorial issues with western
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