The Revolutionary War And The War Of 1812

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There is humanly no possible way to merely or easily define what “freedom” truthfully is, as every distinct person and each social order has opposing restrictions for what this belief is. Bureaucrats and social researchers, for example, have vastly diverse philosophies of what institutes freedom. This primeval belief has been ingrained into mankind since the beginning of time. Century after century mankind has fought in numerous wars for this concept of “Freedom”. Men, Women, and Children died for the right to be free. From countless wars, such as; The revolutionary war, and the War of 1812, to name a few all fought for the concept of freedom. This unalienable natural right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness was the cause for numerous worldly conflicts. Eons later and a nation known as the United States is met rebuilding their country after the conclusion of a Civil War. This time in history in commonly known as the Reconstruction Era. And in the center of this reconstruction are African Americans. Having fought a war to obtain their “Freedom”, African Americans now faced a time of racism, social injustice, and instituted laws that upheld white supremacy after the Civil War. In the following dissertation, I will explain the impact the reconstruction era and life post-civil war had on African Americans as they tried to rebuild their lives crippled by slavery.
To fully fathom the period known as the Reconstruction Era we must examine the war in which left much…

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