Essay about The Revolutionary War

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The Revolutionary War

The Revolutionary War started on April 19, 1775 at Lexington and Concord. America was very much unprepared with no central government or army. The congress stepped up as the government and began to organize an army. The Revolutionary War did not end until September 3, 1783 with the signing of the final peace treaty between America and Great Britain. The victory in the Revolution War led to the birth of a new independent nation. After the Revolution it was a time of cooperation. People in the nation were focusing on building a government, migrating west and their new found freedom. Military actions were more in surrounding areas mainly France, Mexico and Britain. In 1798 was the XYZ affair, an event that
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After the first battle of the Civil War the Upper states in the South also seceded. Abraham Lincoln was able to persuade Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, and Missouri to stay in the Union. By doing this Lincoln gained access to the river systems in Kentucky and Missouri that led into the heart of the South. This control effected the 1862 invasions of the south, which provided the North with most of its early military successes. The Civil War was total trench warfare. Technology was the main event that influenced total trench warfare. Technology led to ideas such as strategy, weapons, and transportation. It wasn't until 1865 the Civil War ended with the surrender of the South's army. The Civil War was an event that impacted the United States greatly economically, politically and socially. This impact called for great reconstruction after the Civil War.
*Political Constitutional Developments After the American Revolution ended there was a debate on if all ties should be broken with Britain. Support for American Independence rode strong up into 1776. Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet, Common Sense. This pamphlet rebelled against King George III and argues for complete Independence of the American colonies. On July 4, 1776, a Declaration of Independence was adopted stating the colonies freedom from Britain. The time after the Revolution was a period of political reconstruction. A time were State franchises were developed and
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