The Revolutionary War

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In 1776, Thomas Jefferson began writing, " We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men were created equal..." in the Declaration of Independence. He was explaining the reason people were opposing Britain, who was oppressing the colonies with taxes and trade limitations. He felt that the colonists weren 't justly represented in Parliament, and hoped this article could amend the damage. Looking back at history, everyone knows that the Revolutionary War happened. Looking in the present, Americans are still being oppressed by the government in other ways besides taxes. State workers are now dealing with an oppressive government that is limiting their rights to negotiate. Current governor Scott Walker legislation, particularly 2011’s Act 10 and 2015’s Act 1, has greatly weaken public unions, targeted teachers and other state employees, and overall damages the economy, creating the need for an alternative union for free union members and a repeal of the limitation on collective bargaining.
When Scott Walker had entered into office in 2010, Wisconsin was experiencing a $2.2 billion dollar deficit with no promise of aid in the years to come. The 2008 recession had hit both Wisconsin and the United States hard. Taxes were raised, but they weren’t enough to cover the four biggest spending programs: Wisconsin school districts, Medicare assistance, the UW college system, and the correction system (chandler). Since this recession was unprecedented, there was no basis for a…

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