The Revolutionary War

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Running head: Paine

Thomas Paine’s Role in the Revolutionary War
Dallin Hodgkin
Mountain View High School


What sparks a revolution? What motivates the average man to rise up against everything he’s ever known? There have been many revolutions that have taken place in the past and each one has had different elements that powered them. The revolutionary war is an example of one such revolution. But what gave it power? There are two main ideas that start revolutions. Words and actions. The power of speech and people’s actions are the defining factors in revolutions. Men’s actions are very important during revolutions. They can act out against the government, declare war, or even denounce their king. Although actions are powerful, words can have an even bigger impact. There were many famous figures whose words inspired men to fight for their rights in the revolutionary war. Thomas Paine was one of the many men who fought the war with literature, and he fought to win. Thomas Paine was born on January 29, 1737 in Thetford, England (Erik Klemetti, 1995). As Thomas grew, he went to a local grammar school. At age 12 he dropped out and became an apprentice to his father who was a corseter. Eventually he failed as an apprentice and set out for a life on the sea at age nineteen. His plans changed after a short amount of time on the ocean, and he became a British tax collector in England (Steven Kreis, 2013). Once again things didn’t work
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