The Revolutionary War: The Events Leading To The American Revolution

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The colonists wish to be free from Britain's control. They have felt that Britain abused their power. The colonists urged action against Parliament pleading to be free, but different events did change colonists’ feelings, and a drawing by Benjamin Franklin shows those feelings. The colonists worked together to try to distance themselves from Britain. The colonies have repeatedly tried to contact the British government with their griefs which the British ignored or denied. Finally on March 23, 1775, Patrick Henry gave one of the strongest American speeches. He told the president of Parliament that he would not hold back on his opinion and give him the full truth, good or bed. He made sure that they knew that they have tried politely tell their grievances and since they have not listened, the colonists will change their tactics to make sure they listen. The colonists will not be taken advantage of, so they will fight for their freedom in the only language the British seem to understand (Boston Gazette). The letter is the strongest action against Parliament shown. The colonists wanted to be considered a separate entity from Britain. Patrick Henry in his letter has made it clear…show more content…
The first Continental Congress was formed in Philadelphia on September 5, 1774. When they met, “their mission was to assert the right of colonies and create collective measures to defend them” (Tindall, Shi 193). They wanted their freedom at any costs. The Boston Massacre was an enraging event that brought the colonists together as well. Many people, even unarmed, were attacked and hurt by the British troops (Boston Gazette). Some were even killed by the British. The event also affected trade between the colonial and British merchants (Tindall, Shi 189). The colonists came together to depend on local merchants. The Continental Congress and Boston Massacre brought the colonists together for their quest of
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