The Revolutions And Causes Of The Haitian Revolution

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The Haitian revolution was series of continuous revolts against a French monarchy that condoned and encouraged slavery. Most think that the Haitians in 1791 had enough torment from the French and started a revolution out of nowhere. This is not the case in fact the first revolts started almost 269 years before the start of the revolution. Before the French the first people to land in Haiti were the Spanish and they took control and began to bring in slaves for manual labor. In 1522 when the slaves tried fighting back against this injustice just like any other human being would if they were being treated the same way. Their first revolt lacked leadership and was unorganized, therefore allowing the Spanish to quickly stomp out the insubordination and put the slaves back in line. In the years following many rebellions were suppressed and many slaves were killed. Although many blacks were brutally executed in front of others it never broke their spirit to fight back and have hope. Plots to kill their masters continued for years and according to (, one plot even involved the poisoning of the masters. Taken from the (“From 1679 to 1704 there are four armed conspiracies organized by slaves.” These armed forces were all supposedly suppressed but the desire they had to be free never wavered. The master's thought that if they’d beat them down they would obey, but with every execution,lashing,and beating only brought about individuals with thicker
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