The Revolutions of 1848 Essay

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The Revolutions of 1848 During the year of 1848, a revolutionary tide broke out in Europe. Revolutions were emerging in different parts of Europe at the same time and quickly spread from France to Italy to Germany, Austria, Hungary and other parts of the continent. A series of revolutions swept across Europe in hopes to bring a liberal reform. This revolution was a revolt of the working and lower class to gain economic and political rights Although the countries are…show more content…
Ideas of national unity and defining nationalism were also becoming very popular. People wanted to identify their language, culture, traditions and their country. “Nationalists sought to promote the national culture, defined primarily in terms of language and historical heritage, and to equate political structure with the culture.”2 Countries such as Germany and Italy were seeking one big united country instead of having different parts of states. Different ethnic groups within the Habsburg Empire also fought for separation from the Habsburg Dynasty. “Most Slavic nationalists, particularly the Czechs, who were most articulate at this point, sought some system of national autonomy within the empire.”3 The nationalists across Europe wanted their own nation one that is free of oppression from the larger more powerful powers. “Most nationalists believed, in the principal that each nation should have its place in the sun. They purported not to vaunt their own nation at the expense of others. Each united, independent nation would allow its people to make their maximum contribution to the general good of humanity.”4 During the revolutions of 1848, Europe was also experiencing the artistic and intellectual movement of romanticism. This movement became a reaction to previous enlightenment and reality that people lived in. The enlightenment period was all about the person’s ability
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