The Rewarding Process of Glassblowing

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Glassblowing The process of glassblowing can be a long but rewarding process. Many different things can be made ranging from a simple Christmas ornament, to a work of art. Glassblowers use many different techniques and tools to aid them in their jobs. Glassblowing is not an easy job, it requires knowledge in what you’re doing and the skill to not harm yourself or others.
Glass has a variety of unique properties. Glass is hard, very brittle, a good insulator, and does not react to other chemicals easily. In addition to this, glass is considered an amorphous solid. This means that the molecular structure of glass is mostly random. This is because in the process of making glass, glass is cooled so quickly that it does not have time to form or create a structure at the molecular level. This process is known as quenching. There are a variety of tools and equipment used in the glassblowing process. Three of which consist of three very large furnaces. The first furnace melts the glass and keeps the glass hot. The melted glass inside the first furnace is referred to as batch. The furnace keeps the batch at over two-thousand one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. The glassblower then takes a long pipe, about four feet long, and places it inside the furnace. In addition, the glass pipe is heated to a really hot temperature so that the glass will adhere to the metal rod. If the rod is not heated, the glass will not stick to the rod. The pipe used to collect the molten glass is called

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