The Reyes Family: The Reyes Family

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The Reyes family have been having a lot going on in their life lately. Rachel and Angelo have been married for 3 years. The past few years they have been focused on work. Rachel is a realtor and Angelo works in an office. He tries to be there for his wife all the times but hates it when he has to take time off work to go to doctors appointments. They want to start a family but, they have been having difficulties on trying to have a baby. Rachel has been taking birth control pills for the past 18 years and decided to stop because she wants to start a family very badly. She waited around an year to conceive but unfortunately it failed miserably. Rachel has been doing research on taking other pills that will boost her infertility workups and treatments. The problem is she has come to realize it is going to be far more expensive than she thought it would be. On the other hand, Angelo has had diabetes since he was 13 and at times it affects his vision. He feels that him having diabetes is just annoying and not so much of a big problem to him. He has a well planned routine lifestyle that he follows everyday. He senses that his wife Rachel has become more obsessed on having a child, he does not like the whole idea about work up drugs, somewhat because he knows its going to be very expensive. Reyes family needs to figure out their priorities before anything else.…show more content…
The Reyes family has problems with their income, employment, and health services. This relates to their situation very well. Rachel ends up becoming pregnant and having two twins which are a boy and girl. Since the babies are born they are going to have far more responsibilities. In this
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