The Rhetorical Analysis Of Against Music By Mo Tzu

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Against Music
Mo Tzu’s “Against Music” Has a strange opinion on music, he believes that music should be condemned, and not be listened to. When he was alive from (470-391 BCE) Mo Tzu was not like all the other philosophers of his time in ancient China. He believed that music was only good for a very small number of people, the rich which conflicted with Confucianism which said it was a force of good. In the essay he uses various examples of why music in not good and should be condemned. One of Mo Tzu’s many reasons for condemning music includes, that it does not benefit the common people and only looks to entertain the rich. Mo Tzu also talks about taxing people for music is a waste of resources and asks why the common people should pay for
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I believe he is wrong, in the essay he states “Their music making interferes to such an extent with peoples efforts to produce food and clothing”. I disagree with this statement everyday people listen to music and get things done an example of this is listening to music and doing homework I can personally relate to this one. People in college like me use music as a way to focus ourselves. Sometimes in some situations it can be distracting, I find especially if the music has lots of singing it can be distracting as opposed to music with only instruments. He also speaks as if music is some sort of drug that prevents us from reaching our goals because it distracts us. He is wrong as I stated before sometimes music can be a distraction, but to say it stops us from reaching our goals, and doing our basic tasks is just wrong. I listen to music everyday it is a part of my life just as much as eating, and sleeping. And I have done many great things and am on a path to a productive life as an adult. Music has helped me along the way to get through some rough times and some good ones. I disagree with what Mo Tzu says about music. Although one can argue that music can sometimes cause a distraction. Music is mostly a +hobby for people not a career or something that you are required to do. If someone is distracted by music it’s their fault not the music they should know when they can listen to music and when they

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